Desk Accessories & Supplies

Items needed for your desk such as lamps and in-trays, as well as stationery such as notepaper and pens.

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  1. Rexel Matador Half Strip Stapler Silver/Blue
    The UK's best selling stapler - reliable performance guaranteed. Perfect for everyday office use, with
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    Part Number: 2100951
    £20.45 £17.04
  2. Rexel Agenda2 Letter Tray Height Risers Blue (5)
    - Risers interlock to stack up to 3 high between trays, achieving a variable height to 145mm - Fi
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    Part Number: 2101020
    £7.78 £6.48
  3. Rexel Samson Heavy Duty Staple Extractor Silver
    The Samson Heavy Duty Staple Remover is an ergonomically designed plier in stylish stainless steel. St
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    Part Number: 37201
    £15.89 £13.24
  4. Rexel Meteor Half Strip Stapler Black
    A great budget buy, the Rexel Meteor is a solidly constructed, compact metal stapler. With a tradition
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    Part Number: 2100019
    £15.98 £13.32
  5. Durable SHERPA soho photo album Black
    Easy to construct desk system with 5 A4 display panels for 10 A4 sheets of paper. The small, space sav
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    Part Number: 5540/01
    £31.00 £25.83
  6. Durable COMBIBOXX A4 3-Piece Set document holder Transparent
    3 leaflet dispensers for displaying A4 literature and larger sized leaflets, brochures or magazines (3
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    Part Number: 8580/19
    £19.13 £15.94
  7. Rexel No. 1 Eyelets Brass (500)
    Circular brass eyelets with an attractive design, and tough enough for everyday use. - Copp
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    Part Number: 20320050
    £15.01 £12.51
  8. Rexel S120 Single Hole Plier Punch Black
    Perfect for everyday office use, this Single Hole Punch has a smooth plier action and durable metal co
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    Part Number: 20120041
    £12.31 £10.26
  9. Rexel Ecodesk Stapler Black
    With a 50% recycled content cap, the Ecodesk stapler is your green choice stapler. Featuring a low sta
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    Part Number: 2100026
    £12.64 £10.53
  10. Rexel Centor Half Strip Stapler Silver/Blue
    The Rexel Centor is a compact everyday stapler with a soft feel finish for safe, comfortable handling.
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    Part Number: 2100596
    £15.41 £12.84

Items 1-10 of 179

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