Chassis Components

Components which fit inside the chassis, which is the metal shell used to protect computer parts. Examples of such components are motherboards and CPUs.

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  1. Corsair Carbide 100R Midi-Tower Black
    Elegant and modern on the outside, with all the features a serious PC builder needs on the inside.
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    Part Number: CC-9011075-WW
    £60.89 £50.74
  2. Sharkoon VS4-W Midi-Tower Black
    The VS4 case stands out due its versatile features at an attractive price. The all-black ATX case in t
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    Part Number: 4044951016044
    £49.99 £41.66
  3. Spire 1016 computer case Micro-Tower Black,Silver 500 W
    - Piano Black Shiny Fascia for a sleek finishing look - 0.5mm SGCC - Aluminium & Plastic fro
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    Part Number: 1016
    £36.34 £30.28
  4. Fractal Design NODE 804 Black
    The Node 804 is a micro ATX chassis which focuses on cooling performance and maximum configurability,
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    Part Number: FD-CA-NODE-804-BL-W
    £108.18 £90.15
  5. Antec GX500 Midi-Tower Black
    The GX500 is designed for gamers from the inside-out, from its interior, to its advanced cooling syste
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    Part Number: 0-761345-15500-7
    £50.15 £41.79
  6. Corsair Obsidian 750D Full-Tower Black
    The full tower Obsidian case for great-looking high performance PCs The Obsidian Ser
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    Part Number: CC-9011035-WW
    £150.40 £125.33
  7. Cooler Master Elite 130 Cube Black
    Compact Yet Powerful- Elite 130 The Elite 130 is an ultra compact case with support for fu
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    Part Number: RC-130-KKN1
    £56.86 £47.38
  8. Antec NSK3100 Midi-Tower Black
    Like its award winning predecessor, the NSK3100 was designed to compliment any home or office with its
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    Part Number: 0-761345-93100-7
    £37.78 £31.48
  9. Antec NSK4100 Midi-Tower Black
    The NSK4100 builds upon the legacy of its award winning predecessor and stays true to the New Solution
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    Part Number: 0-761345-94480-9
    £45.46 £37.88
  10. Fractal Design Core 500 Black computer case
    The Core 500 is the perfect PC case for those looking for a small, compact chassis that lets you build
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    Part Number: FD-CA-CORE-500-BK
    £65.88 £54.90

Items 1-10 of 7419

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