Correction Media

White fluid that can be applied to paper to cover over errors in text. Once dried, it can be written over.

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  1. BIC Tipp ex easy Correct correction tape Blue 12 m 1 pc(s)
    Key Benefits: - Side dispenser: you see what you correct; - Tape size 4.2 mm x 12 m;
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    Part Number: 8290352
    £20.57 £17.14
  2. Digitus DN-FO-PCT-1 correction tape Blue 1 pc(s)
    Optimal cleaning products for your fiber optic area
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    Part Number: DN-FO-PCT-1
    £72.49 £60.41
  3. Pentel Micro Correct correction pen 12 ml
    -The original metal-tipped correction pen. -Dispenses fluid exactly where needed. -Valve-con
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    Part Number: ZL31-W
    £24.07 £20.06
  4. Pentel Refill Eraser for Automatic Pencils
    - Refill eraser for Sharp Kerry, EnerGize-X, Wow! Pencil, Gizmo, Cushi, Hot Shots and Technica-X
    .... More Information

    Part Number: Z2-1N
    £16.48 £13.73
  5. Sigel SI-GL188 eraser Black 1 pc(s)
    The magnetic board eraser has a contemporary design and quickly dry erases chalk from magnetic glass b
    .... More Information

    Part Number: GL188
    £12.58 £10.48
  6. Staedtler 52650BK2DA eraser Plastic Blue,White 2 pc(s)
    Staedtler 52650BK2DA. Material: Plastic, Product colour: Blue,White, Target audience: Adult & children
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    Part Number: 52650BK2DA
    £4.32 £3.60
  7. Staedtler Rasoplast eraser White 30 pc(s)
    - Comfort quality for high-quality erasing performance - Minimal crumbling - Protective cell
    .... More Information

    Part Number: 526B30
    £14.76 £12.30
  8. TESA Mini Roller Correction ecoLogo
    The tesa® Mini Roller Correction ecoLogo® comes in handy when a correction is needed. It`s convenien
    .... More Information

    Part Number: 59817-00000-00
    £5.65 £4.71
  9. TIPP-EX Easy Correct correction tape White 12 m 20 pc(s)
    - Extra long correction tape with a tear-resistant polyester film - Side-dispensing mechanism so
    .... More Information

    Part Number: 895951
    £30.83 £25.69
  10. TIPP-EX Micro Tape Twist correction tape Blue 8 m 10 pc(s)
    Tipp-Ex Micro twist correction tape is compact and handy and gives instant correction for quicker re-w
    .... More Information

    Part Number: 8706142
    £21.18 £17.65

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